It is time to switch to paperless menus and it has never been easier

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QR Codes are quick and easy to use and each code is displayed professionally with your branding.

NOTE: The codes pictured above have been disabled.

Paperless Menus

Our service will help you eliminate paper menus quickly and easily. QR Codes have helped thousands of restaurants make the switch during a difficult time.

With patrons using their phone’s camera they will access your online menu immediately and you will never have to spend time and resources on paper menus again.

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If you have never used your phone to scan a QR Code you may be able to try it right now. If you are not using your phone to view this web page, point your phone's camera at the QR code on this page to see how easily it works. Tap the link that appears on your screen. Your phone will be quickly directed to this website.


You know how to get things done! We will just send you the code by email. Allowing your to create your own signage.
24 hour turn-around.
Guaranteed compatibility will all smartphones.

Card Stock 5.5 H x 8.5 W

Great solution for indoor dining. These tents made out of our best card stock. This two-sided sign will effectively display your brand and help you make the switch to paperless menus.

Set Holders of 4" W x 5" H

This is the solution for outdoor dining. Clear Acrylic Sign Holders will present your brand with the code on two sides with the resistance to wind and moisture.

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Review the benefits

  • Save time and resources keeping a supply of menus updated and sanitized

  • Have more control over your menu's changes including "Today's Specials"

  • Customers will begin to check the specials on a daily basis

  • "The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind."